West Kildonan Horticultural Society

To all our  Fiesta Day 

supporters ...

Fiesta Day is our major fundraiser.  

Each year we count on the support of many garden centers.  

Don't forget to support them too!! 

Thank You to: 

Ross Eadie

City Councillor, Mynarski Ward 

..for the yummy hot dogs!! 

  • Gro Greenhouse
    • 1425 St Annes Rd, Winnipeg (204)256-1424

  • Kanahda Garden Products Ltd.
    • 2770 Main St, Winnipeg (204)339-3289

    • seasonal center located at Sears, Garden City

  • Paul's Greenhouses & Garden Centres
    • 431 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg (204)-237-1651
    • 10 Forbes Rd, Winnipeg, (204)257-2153