Fiesta Day Suggestions & Ideas 


Garden tools, statues, craft items, objets d'art, garden supplies such as soil, etc, bird feeders, bird baths, books and magazines related to gardening etc.  Anything you can think of garden related.


Must be packaged either individually or in packs.  Please note if it includes nuts or any special ingredients. Examples:  Cookies, cakes, Pies, brownies etc.  Sugar free are welcome. 


A minimum of 12 potted plants per member - either from your garden or purchased.  These can include perennials, trees, shrubs, annuals, vegetables, herbs, etc. 4 inch pot suggested. Plants need to be labelled with name, height, flower color and light requirement.  Indicate if perennial, etc and if is an aggressive plant.  Ready made hanging planters, patio pots etc also gladly received.

      PLEASE, PLEASE make sure plants are labelled!! 


Phlox, Blue Dream, perennial

Lavender blue flowers

Height: 1-4 in

Partial Shade


We need your help
to make the sale a success!

Come and stay for the day or pick a shift:

Saturday Morning Setup 
 8am to 10am

Sales Assistants
from 10am to 2pm

Tear down & Cleanup
at 2pm

Plants, yard sale items, baking and tables are to be dropped off the morning of the sale at the