Doctors Manitoba has launched a new website for the public about the COVID vaccine:

The features on the website include a tool to check whether you are currently eligible to receive the vaccine. There is also the option of receiving notification (eg by email) of when you are eligible to get the vaccine.

COVID BE's time to ZOOM ahead!

In person 2021 general meetings are still uncertain, but the WKHS is forging ahead and exploring on line presentations.

It will be a learning curve for all of us, so please be patient. 

Zoom instructions


July 2020 Newsletter

Tea Cup Challenge 2020

MHA Photo Competition 2020 Winners

Glenlea Fundraiser 2021

Since Fiesta Day is uncertain at this time, the Glenlea campaign may be our only opportunity to raise funds.  Please be supportive.  Popular items are running low so plan accordingly.

Dates to Remember:

  • Apr 10 - last day for WKHS to enter paper orders online
  • Apr 15 - last day for members to enter their own order online
  • May 29 - Plant delivery.  You will be advised of your pickup date & time 

Mar 2   Tropical Flora and More...
             Susan Finlay & Linda Dietrick
             Garden highlights from Columbia, Ecudaor & Miami

Mar 30  Webinar: Preparing the Ground for Healthy Soil


Apr 6   Ready? Set? Let's Grow!
                 Cannas - Lisa Dejong
                 Seed Viability - Jane Epp
                 Geranium Slips & Growing Tips - Roswitha Nowak

May 4  Companion Planting**
             Elaine Stechisen, Shelmerdines Garden Centre

Jun 6  Gardening with Butterflies**
            Nia Massey, Selkirk Garden Club

** Tentative Confirmation

To brighter days ahead...

Communities in Bloom and its partners are working together to encourage the growth of HOPE GARDENS.  Click on the above link to register your garden and get more information.

A Tidbit from Susan and Linda - from the owner of Rosadex Farms, Ecuador

  WKHS Meetings 

are held at the 

West Kildonan Memorial Community Club.

 346 Perth Ave

7:00 - 9:00 pm